Multi-disciplinary graphic designer, delivering creative, innovative and engaging solutions to communication problems across brand identity, print and digital.

After graduating from the Academy of fine arts in Warsaw in 2010, she went on to work at leading publishing houses in Warsaw. A few years ago Samantha began her adventure with webdesign. Combining design, colour, typography, illustration, social media and a dash of creativity – it has become not only her work, but also a great passion.

Samantha begins a project by understanding her client’s requirements. The brand’s personality, tone of voice, objectives, target audience and competitors are all evaluated to ensure a point of difference is created. She puts intelligent ideas at the very heart of everything she does – striving to create outstanding work that is distinctive, engaging and above all, memorable. With a variety of experience in print, brand identity and digital,

Samantha is able to offer a multitude of skills to her clients. So whether the client requires a logo, a new magazine layout, a website (or all of the above), he can ensure that the whole experience is positive, consistent and effective. If you have a potential project that Samantha may be able to help you with, please get in touch.



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