Zero waste, Eco, Organic, Biodegradable – why aren’t we funding this?



I made the conscious decision to try and live sustainably about a year ago after watching an inspiring video about Lauren Singer.


Zero waste – is it even possible?

My first step was to minimise the amount of plastic we use at home.

  • No more takeaways – we try and make all our food at home or go to restaurants. I’ll wait until they produce this kind of packaging:chinese_food_packaging
    Sustainable Bagless Take-Out Packaging by JoAnn Arello


  • No more wrapping sandwiches in plastic cling film


DS4A8092 is a company that produces sustainable products for storing food. By infusing organic cotton with beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin, you can create a washable, reusable, and compostable alternative to plastic wrap. Sadly, it’s a little expensive, so, for now, we’ve made our own wraps and food packaging.


You can find the recipe here

  • reusing tin foil as much as possible – We haven’t bought a new roll in the last year and our next step is to buy a nice porcelain cooking pot with lid
  • buying in bulk at the market using our own bags – to cut down on plastic wrapping which is used to wrap just about every fruit and vegetable.
  • Carrying our own water bottles with natural charcoal water filters
  • growing our own herbs, spices and vegetables.


    herbs_3 herbs_4


  • Making our own organic preserves like jam or ketchup



  • Cutting down on buying redundant stuff just because we like them. Recycling or donating clothes and household equipment.
  • Exchanging typical cleaning products for eco-friendly ones. From shampoo bought at Lush to homemade laundry detergent.

It’s not easy to change to a waste-free life and we still do produce waste – just a lot less. But I think all of us should do are best to keep the world we live in as clean as possible. Our children and grandchildren should be given the right to live on a clean and unpolluted planet.

Some other eco concepts:

360 Paper Bottle by Brandimage



Coca Cola Eco friendly package proposal by Harc Lee


Edible beer packaging by We Believer consultancy and Saltwater Brewery – prevents sea turtles and birds from ingesting toxic plastic.



Branding for a new subscription menswear brand -STÓR – created by Socio Design


These clothes are made from natural materials such as organic cotton and bamboo. The packaging is also made from unbleached recycled cardboard boxes, which Socio Design sourced especially from the U.S.


Even in death, you can help the environment:

This egg-shaped pod they created, called Capsula Mundi, is designed to hold a dead body in a fetal position, and slowly decompose underground. It’s planted like a seed, and on top of it, they plant a tree chosen in life by the person. Family and friends can take care of the tree as it grows in the first few years. So in this way, tree after tree, the cemetery will become a forest.