New years resolutions


It’s that time of year when everyone is preparing their New Years Resolutions.

Every year at this time I started to go through my immense list which had stuff like:

  • Work out more
  • Stop eating sugar
  • Eat healthier
  • Find a new job

And even:

  • Find a new boyfriend.

Thankfully that is all in the past. This year I’ll only have one resolution:

  • Keep up the good work!

It’s really comforting to be in exactly the place I want to be. Sure, I’d love a pay rise or to have more time to go to exhibitions and conferences. But all in all, I’m really happy with my achievements.

How did I do this?

Firstly I moved out of a country that, I think, was keeping me from really spreading my wings and allowing me to be myself. After I found my dream job I was able to stop freelancing and concentrate on big projects which I love. Being in a happy relationship led me to start loving my body and the yoga I now do is not to lose weight – but to be healthy. I’ve completely changed the way I eat and the way I think about food. The word “diet” doesn’t mean depriving myself of food – now it means eating healthy and organic food whenever I feel like it.

The Anti-New Years Resolutions

Another cool idea is making a list of Anti-Resolutions – instead of concentrating on resolutions that you will potentially not be able to keep past January, concentrate on the things that you should throw out of your life – like toxic relationships or behaviours that don’t do you any good.

  • Give Less Fucks
  • Stop making excuses
  • Stop trying to make everyone happy

Whatever route you decide to take – keep being awesome and make 2017 the best year ever!