TECHnique at CampusLondon – where Artists talk about technology

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TECHnique is an event and podcast where artists tell their stories, explain their choices and the lessons that they have learned in the many projects that they’ve taken part in. It was organised by   on Thursday 11th August at the Google Campus in London. A nice 15minute walk from Farringdon station – just enough to catch some Pokemon.  Continue reading “TECHnique at CampusLondon – where Artists talk about technology”

DIBI 2016 – day 1 (part 1)


DIBI (Design It; Build It) is a two-day digital conference for designers & developers. This edition took place in Edinburgh 17th-18th March 2016. The first day was focused mainly around Design and design management, day two was more techy… but we’ll get to that later.

Day One started off with registration, tea, coffee and a generally get to know faces in the Hub – a converted church in the heart of Edinburgh. At 9.30 we were all sitting and attentively listening to the brief welcome to DIBI, sharing what to expect from the next two days by Jim Richardson, the Conference Organiser and Gavin Elliot, the Conference Chair.

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