Why I donated my hair


…And what this has to do with being eco-friendly.

This post is not related to my work or design but more to my lifestyle. As you know from earlier articles, I’ve tried to go down the more eco-friendly route.

‘What does being eco have to do with going to a hairdresser?’, I hear you ask! Let me enlighten you.

When you start being more interested in the well-being of our world… you also start noticing how many people need our help. Now I know that giving money to charities is better than giving your hair to be made into wigs… but I do both. More and more doctors say how important it is to feel good when you’re trying to get better. Maybe wearing a wig and feeling prettier will help a little princess get better. I’m not saying that having short hair is unpretty but I guess having a choice makes it easier.


I was going to cut it just a little but after seeing a post about super-hero window cleaners, I thought about donating my hair. I’ve let it grow out for a couple of years and had 15 inches to give. I decided on going to a hairdresser where they put it into ponytails and prepared it for me. I then sent it to the Little Princess Trust. The only regret I have is that I didn’t go to an eco-friendly salon. I’ve now found a few in London to try next time I need a haircut. It’s quite a problem to fina waste-free options, but will keep looking and post an update.

Another thing about shorter hair – it’s more eco-friendly as you don’t need as much shampoo and water like with long hair and drying doesn’t take as much time so you save energy. I actually think they’re less greasy – so that will cut down on how many times I wash my hair. I’ll be keeping the colour fresh with organic henna from lush.

All in all I’m very happy with my decision, although it will take time to get used to have 1/3 the amount of hair I’ve had for years.