Intro to Wireframing & Prototyping at the Campus



TheĀ Intro to Wireframing & Prototyping was a really good, free class organised by General Assembly at the Google Campus in London. The speaker, Amit Patel, was engaging, inspiring, well-paced and well aware of all the wireframing and prototyping trends out there. My only regret is that the talk wasn’t longer šŸ˜‰

Amit is a Freelance Product Manager / Designer and has worked on projects like Magaza,Ā Grupo, Adio,, Trapped Magazine and Dixie Hollywood Hotel. He alsoĀ runs workshops with a wide range of companies that want to upskill their employees and also add design thinking into their current ways of working. If you’d like to learn more about UX, Amit instructs User Experience design coursesĀ at General Assembly in London. Continue reading “Intro to Wireframing & Prototyping at the Campus”